What is the First Investment Bonus?

First investment bonus is a type of promotion frequently encountered on online betting or casino sites. This type of bonus is given to new members during or immediately after their first deposit. Initial investment bonuses are usually offered as a percentage of the deposited amount; for example, a 100% bonus on your first investment. In this way, while the sites try to attract new members, users also have the opportunity to bet or play more games. However, such bonuses also carry their own advantages, risks and points to be considered.


First investment bonuses can generally take the following forms:

  1. Cash Bonus: Cash is added to your account depending on the amount you deposit.
  2. Free Betting: You will be entitled to a free bet based on your first investment.
  3. Game Credits: You receive bonus credits that you can use in casino games.
  4. Freespin: You win free spins that you can use in slot games.


  1. More Gaming Opportunities: The first investment bonus allows them to play more games or place more bets, especially for users with a limited budget.
  2. Distribution of Risk: Thanks to the bonus, the amount lost may not be the entire amount deposited, which allows the risk to be distributed to some extent.
  3. Welcome Bonus: When you become a member of a new site, the first investment bonus will welcome you and help you get used to the platform.